Spell Off at Creekview Elementary


Like many schools do at this time of year, Creekview Elementary hosted its annual spelling bee for grades 4-6. Before the bee took place on Wednesday, the school had a spell off that consisted of 27 students. The top spellers from that group then competed in the school spelling bee in front of students, teachers and parents.

The school winners of the bee included Lexi Webster in first place, Garret Bryner in second and Pierce Bryner in third. Webster was very thoughtful throughout each round and careful when spelling for the judges.

“Lexi looked up each time as she thought about the word she was spelling,” explained Creekview Secretary Christi Jardine. “She was visualizing them in her mind but it was if she could see them in the air or on the ceiling.”

Creekview teacher Hope Manzanares organized the spelling bee with help from guest judges Vickie Leo, Annie Sorenson and Brad King. Carol Chiara pronounced the words for participants.


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