Spelling for Success at Carbon School District


Carbon School District students from the elementary and middle schools had a chance to flex their spelling skills on Thursday morning as they competed in the district’s spelling bee.

This bee took place at the gym located in the school district’s office. All in attendance were asked to wear a mask and follow social distancing protocols. There were two microphones on stage and the spellers were asked to alternate between them as they were sanitized after each spelling.

Participating students were from Creekview Elementary School, Mont Harmon Middle School, Sally Mauro Elementary, Helper Middle School, Bruin Point Elementary, Castle Heights Elementary and Wellington Elementary.

There were 21 contestants from these schools. The participants were Abby Tharp, Aniyah Jeffs, Asher Thayn, Avy Atwood, Bryson Ferguson, Cadi Heaton, Daxton Greenhalgh, Gabi Bonaquisto, Gage Lefler, Haily Heugly, Izzac McIntyre, Jack Bates, Jordon Olsen, Josiah Trostle, Josie Yates, Julianna Nehls, Karsynne Fox, Kaydree Miller, Matthew Blackburn, Payden Zele and Rebekah Trostle.

Jeff Richens of the Carbon School Board acted as pronouncer while Liz Bryner, Jan King and Vickie Leo acted as judges. Jaydea Price, Katie Jones and Madalyn Johnson were the assistants for the event, working to clean the microphones, record the spelling bee and more.

The bee began with a practice round for the students as they each stated and spelled their first names. Three were eliminated in the first round and more than five were then eliminated in the second.

Following six rounds of the bee, there was a spell-off between two of the students to determine the third place. Finally, the winners were announced. Avy Atwood, Helper Middle School, came in third place. She was preceded by Cadi Heaton of Castle Heights Elementary in second and Josiah Trostle of Mont Harmon Middle School in first.

Trostle has earned first place in the MHMS bee for three years running and this is the second year that he has placed in the top three for the district. These top spellers will next compete in the regional spelling bee.

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