Spillway Restoration Continues at Millsite


By Julie Johansen

The spillway at Millsite Dam has been bead blasted so that a new six-inch slab can be poured as part of the redesign. The concern was that the previous pour may result in cracks, so the surface was blasted and a new six-inch slab will be poured to prevent any eventual water seepage when the water runs through the spillway.

The apex corners have been poured and the remaining weir wall (#4) will be poured at the conclusion of the project when the backfill on the south side is complete. This is left open just in case of spillage of water.

The earth work is in the cleanup stage. The rip rap has been completed on the faces of the dam while the backfill on the south side is almost finished. Crews continue to work on odds and ends, but mainly in restoration of the storage sites from construction, such as rock and soil piles. There is some work also being completed on the golf course.

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