Spillway Walls Poured at Millsite


By Julie Johansen

On Friday, Aug. 7, a 31-foot tall section of the north wall was poured at Millsite as part of the reservoir’s rehabilitation. This wall will be completed before the concrete crew moves to the south wall. Wall contractors have hired a subcontractor to tie in the rebar to expedite the work. Once the concrete is finished, the dirt crew will backfill next to the walls of the spillway and tie it to the dam. The contractors hope to have this done before winter.

The rolled rocks on the downstream side of the dam have been picked from the face and some touch up work is being completed by the outlet structure. The area behind the irrigation company shop is also being cleaned up and leveled so that the Ferron Canal Company will have room for storage.

Work also continues on Millsite Golf Course. The water hazard for hole three had to be rotated and relocated, but the pond design remains the same. The irrigation design for the sprinkler system is in final stages. Some grading is being done on the eventual hole 3, but it will be much the same as before, including distance and direction. The bridge is in place and has been used by golfers.

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