*Correction* Split Classes at Castle Dale Elementary?


Castle Dale Elementary is looking for a new teacher to teach a second/third grade split class.

Currently, the second and third grade classes at Castle Dale Elementary are larger than what the district and the parents of students are comfortable with. В The second grade has 28 students and the third grade has 30 students. В To alleviate the high student/teacher ratio, the school is looking for one additional teacher to take on a second/third split class. В Many parents are not seeing this as a good idea at all. With school starting this week, the school is looking even harder to find a teacher to manage these students.

“We are very actively searching for a teacher to take on these students,” said Castle Dale Elementary Principal Worthen.

They have a couple of people in the works, but nothing is legitimatized. The school has even been looking toward USU Eastern, looking for someone who is almost done with their teaching degree to work with the school on an internship.

While split classes aren’t entirely an unusual thing around the country, it is a new thing to the parents and students at Castle Dale Elementary; which is why this has been such an issue for many of the people involved. The school held a meeting for parents of the students in the second and third grade classes in order to explain better what this class will be like for the students, and hopefully make them a little more comfortable with the situation.


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