Spookiest Yards in Price Treated With Hocus Pocus Award *Photo Gallery*


Recently, yards and businesses in Price have been home to ghosts, skeletons, clowns and more as residents gear up for Halloween night. These festive decorations drew the eye of the Price City Progress Committee, who then decided which festive citizens were going to be awarded.

The Hocus Pocus awards focused on the best of the Halloween theme and curb appeal. For the business portion, Apple Country Crafts, which is located at 19 East Main Street and owned by Carrie Richardson, and Price Floral, also on Main Street and owned by Jackie Davis, were given the honor.

Moments 2 Cherish/Body Glow Day Spa owned by Laska McCourt as well as Maverik located on 891 East Main were the runner-ups and given recognition.

The residential awards were given to Kenneth and Carrie Huff, who festively suited up as Michael Myers and Carrie herself. Also awarded were Doug, Christine, Lexi and Jaxton Trease, Matt and Melanie Huff and Casey and Jill Vuksinick. As the runner-up, Danny Kofford was given a recognition award.

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