Spring 2016-17 All-State Teams Named, 12 Castle Country Athletes Highlighted


A total of 12 athletes from Carbon and Emery counties were recently named as members of academic all-state teams in baseball, softball, golf, track and tennis.

Chase Morgan was the lone Dino named to the 3A All-State Baseball Team, which boasts a combined 3.998 GPA. Senior McKenna Sorenson was also the solo Lady Dino named to the 3A softball team whose combined GPA comes out to 3.995.

Jason and Jonas Nielsen were named to the 3A Boys’ Tennis team, contributing to the team’s perfect 4.0 GPA.

Erin Oliverson represented the Black and Gold and was one of five members of the 2A Girls’ Golf Team, combining for a 3.932 GPA. Lady Dinos Sadie Crompton and Sarah Ohlwiler were named to the 3A Girls’ Track Team, which also carries a perfect 4.0 GPA. Lady Panther Kaysha Dunegan-Clegg was named as the sole 1A All-State Girls’ Track Team member with a GPA of 3.788.

Emery’s Logan Cox and Ty Mecham also made it to the 2A All-State Boys’ Track Team, pushing its GPA to 3.993 while Paul Bryner and Logan Engar were Carbon’s representatives for the 3A Team, whose GPA finished out at 3.998.

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