SRJH Hosts 9/11 Remembrance Event


Charles Durrant returned to San Rafael Junior High School to speak with students about 9/11.

Durrant was a teacher at SRJH ten years ago, but he was called to active duty just a few months after 9/11.

Durrant presented a slide show depicting the tragic day’s events and told stories about former SRJH students with whom he served his military duties.

Students presented Durrant with one of two flags the school received from Washington D.C. The flags were previously flown over the U.S. Capitol Building. Government representatives sent the flags to Ferron after receiving request letters from SRJH.

The second flag was used in a flag-raising ceremony later in the day. It will be displayed in the school library.

The event was designed as a tribute and teaching tool because most SRJH students were between the ages of three and five in 2001. Each student wrote the names of several 9/11 victims on ribbons that were later tied to the fence in front of the school.

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