South Price Stalking Incident Results in Arrest


At about noon yesterday, Price City Police Officers Stephen Regruto and David Wilkinson were interviewing Victor Thomas Herrera, 46, in the driveway of his home at 545 South 100 East. Herrera was a suspect in an earlier report of a stalking order violation.

During the interview Herrera turned and ran into a nearby garage where he obtained a loaded 20-gauge shotgun and pointed it under his chin. Officers Regruto and Wilkinson pursued Herrera into the garage and both grabbed the shotgun and were able to turn the barrel away from Herrera’s body.

During the struggle for control of the shotgun, one round was discharged into the wall of the garage. The resulting blast caused minor damage to a neighboring house.

The officers were uninjured. Herrera was treated at the scene for minor burns and abrasions to his hand.

Herrera was booked at the Carbon County Jail on charges of violation of a stalking order, brandishing a weapon and resisting arrest.


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