Starting a New Year of Duties for Castle Dale City


By Julie Johansen

The Castle Dale City Council convened both in person and virtually on Thursday evening.

During the meeting, Castle Dale City Recorder Lael White administered the oath of office for the city’s new fire chief, Britni Moreno. Chief Moreno then announced the new officers in the Castle Dale Fire Department as Assistant Chief Duston Hague, first Captain over structure fires Jeffery Manning, second Captain over wildlands Doug Moreno, first Lieutenant Jamie Robertson, second Lieutenant Kim Rollins and Sergeant George Hunt. She reported that the crew has been drug tested and is receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Chief Moreno reported that they have experienced a couple of calls, including a field fire and a vehicle fire. She is also working with the Hope Squad of Carbon, Emery and Grand Counties as well as the Opioid Coalition as she feels that the fire department is a place to come for help for more than just fires.

Maintenance foreman Ignacio Arrien announced the safety awards, stating that Team A, which includes maintenance workers Nosh Arrien, Duston Hague, Seth Smith and Shelby Smith, and Team B, which includes office staff Jaki Collard and Lael White, would all receive $150 bonuses for no time loss accidents.

The animal control officer announced that trail cameras have been purchased and are being installed around the city to determine whose dogs are causing problems within the city.

Enforcement officer Jefferson Manning said that building is still continuing at 210 West 100 North, even though a cease order has been served there twice. The cease to build was issued by Sunrise Engineering as no building permits have been obtained. He is unable to contact anyone regarding this matter.

During the council and mayor reports, Castle Dale City Mayor Danny Van Wagoner reported that he has organized a committee to work on the restoration of Main Street. This committee consists of himself, Laurel Magnuson, Tarra Jensen, Jordan Leonard and Adrianna Chimaras. He stated that work should begin shortly.

Councilwoman Julie Johansen requested the council to consider some type of citizen recognition such as a Citizen, Volunteer or Business of the Month. Councilman Joel Dorsch commented that the ice rink has been really busy and will be increased in size to 150 feet next year.

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