State Record Tiger Trout Pulled From Scofield Reservior


Two Utah state records for Tiger Trout were broken February 17 at Scofield Reservior. The catch-and-keep and catch-and-release records were broken within two days of each other.

According to Brent Stettler, Conservation Outreach Manager for the Division of Wildlife Services, Trent Peery of Santaquin landed the 15.16-pound whopper, smashing the old record by more than five pounds. The previous record weighed in at 10.12 lbs caught by Michael David Moon in 2007 out of Palisade Reservoir near Sterling. Peery’s Tiger measured 32.25 inches with a girth of 20 inches.

Additionally, the catch-and-release record was broken just two days before. Don Wiley, DWR Fisheries Biologist was on hand to measure the fish which taped out at 27 inches, two inches larger than the previous record. Ryan Holt held the previous record since 2008 which was released back into Scofield Reservoir.

Despite the record-breaking fish, Stettler described fishing from slow to good. On February 23 Devin Christensen, Conservation Officer for the DWR, said the most successfull bait has been a spoon or jig tipped with chub meat, night crawler or wax worm.

Stettler wishes all to read the Utah Fishing Guidebook for special regulations prior to fishing at Scofield.

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