State Will Not Seek Death Penalty in Peterson Case


The death penalty is no longer being sought in the case of Seth Gordon Peterson, a 25-year-old charged with a double homicide that occurred in Hiawatha in November of last year.

Jeremy Humes, representing the state of Utah, expressed the desire of the state to waive the opportunity to seek the death penalty irrevocably during proceedings in the Seventh District Court of Price Tuesday morning.

The court moved to continue with the appointment of Attorney Rudy Bautista to represent Peterson for further proceedings.

Further action for the case will take place on Feb. 21, where a motion will be made to waive or set a preliminary hearing for Peterson.

Besides two counts of aggravated murder, both first-degree felonies, Peterson is charged with attempted aggravated murder as well as aggravated robbery, also first-degree felonies. He is also charged with a third-degree felony for failing to stop or respond at the command of police.

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