Stay Up to Date on Local Events With Carbon County Calendar and Text App


In addition to an online calendar, Carbon County has made the choice to up the digital ante by opting into a text app feature that will promote events in the area.

Following recent town hall meetings as well as surveys conducted, the Community Economic Council found that the consensus was that the communities wish to have access to a centralized location for events in order to make information gathering easier than ever before.

The next step for the committee was to meet after the results were received and discuss what can be done for the community, thus the birth of the app and calendar. The online calendar will be managed by Carbon County Recreation with city entities having access in order to input information as well.

As usual, questions were posed with these new additions. These questions were regarding the tabletop calendar printed by Carbon County Tourism as well as the marquee board on 100 North in Price. A decision was ultimately made that a tabletop print informing individuals on how to locate information on local events would be the most cost-effective option.

The questioned marquee is a partnership that includes Carbon County and its tourism office, the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce, Price City and USU Eastern. Tina Henrie, Carbon County Tourism Specialist, took time to meet with the partners to discuss ongoing maintenance costs and repairs currently needed for the marquee. If the group agreed to pay for the repairs, funds would be required from the partners.

“Being that the system is very outdated, it was decided that for the time being, the group would not currently put funds toward the repairs until a better solution can be made. It was the consensus of the group to put up a one-time message promoting the new event calendar website on the marquee until further notice or until funding from the partners becomes available,” Henrie said.

A conversation has also began that regards the marquee going forward. The idea of a digital board was, once more, approached. However, the cost of a change of that caliber would require $180,000 with funding needed from each partner. Discussions are expected to continue throughout the year for decisions to be made on what will need to be done with the marquee going forward.

While it is recognized that the marquee has been used as “free” advertising for events and organizers, the group does request that the community exercises patience as it works on deciding what is best.

Community members, businesses and more are encouraged to sign up with the new text app. Text “CCEVENTS” to 555888 or visit for information on events in our area. You can also submit your event online.

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