StepOne Service to be Featured at the July BEAR General Meeting


The next Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) meeting is slated to take place on July 1. The focus of the meeting will be on StepOne, which is a hospital-based withdrawal management program that is offered to community members by Castleview Hospital.

Castleview CEO Greg Cook has previously spoken on StepOne, emphasizing the need for this type of program in the area due to the substance abuse issues that are rampant.

StepOne is known as the first step in the recovery process. The acute withdrawal management service acts over 3-5 days and is for adults that are in the impending or early stage of withdrawal from alcohol or opioids.

Savannah Eley acts of the coordinator for this program and previously explained that treatment is customized to each individual’s needs with a screening process that assists in determining the needs of the individuals in the withdrawal process before, during and after treatment.

Castleview Hospital explained that those that wish to seek this treatment must be committed to remain in the hospital until they are medically stable and be motivated to continue addiction treatment once discharged from the hospital. A telephone pre-screening and an in-person assessment before admission begins the StepOne Service process.

Most insurance plans are accepted for this program and admission into the program must be on a voluntary basis.

The BEAR meeting will take place at 8 a.m. at the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments building located in Price and via this Zoom link:

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