Stepping Stones on the Path to a Brighter Future: The 2019 Opioid Recovery Summit


Press Release

The 2019 Opioid Recovery Summit brought together not only healthcare professionals, but rallied incredible community support, from teachers to families to policy makers. The group of people that attended on March 5 at Utah State University Eastern was astounding. The goal of the summit was to bring together the many facets of our towns in the Carbon and Emery county areas, and shed light on an ever-growing concern.

Addiction is not easy to defeat, and many people know someone close who has been affected in one way or another. With an emphasis on the many types of recovery available to those in need, stories of hardship, struggle, and hope were shared with the open hearts and minds of those who were able to participate in the summit. Speakers came from all over the state of Utah and Colorado to provide insight and information about opioid use and substance use disorder, offer their own stories of recovery and share on the resources that can be utilized within our towns; all of which acted to build ties of understanding, compassion and determination for the many roads to recovery.

While the 2019 Opioid Recovery Summit was one small stepping stone on the path to supporting our communities and those who are working towards recovery every day, we hope that the summit will fuel opportunities for us all to come together in support of the many roads to recovery and collaborate to continue eradicating this epidemic in our communities.

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