Still No Decision on Carbon County Soccer Complex as Discussion Continues with Key Players


Representatives from Carbon County, Price City, the Price Youth Soccer Association and various other entities met on Wednesday to continue the ongoing discussion regarding a soccer complex within the county.

USU Eastern Chancellor Joe Peterson started the conversation by explaining that regardless what other entities within the county decide to do, the university will be building soccer fields of its own in the coming years to support its thriving soccer program. The university plans to build the soccer fields on the old Durrant school property.

“We hope that the community would wear them out,” Peterson said. “We want the community on our campus. We hope they come and use them regardless of who builds them.”

Questions did arise that the university’s fields would not be enough to support the growing soccer programs throughout the community, especially since the university could replace the fields for its own expansion in the future. Another possible location for the fields discussed was the Carbon County Fairgrounds.

Carbon County Director of Recreation Frank Ori explained that while the complex would primarily be used for soccer if built at the fairgrounds, it could also accommodate a wide variety or sports, including football and t-ball.

“It’s good for our local economy, it really is,” Ori stated.

While entities did agree that the soccer complex would be a benefit to the community, most already have their budgets set for the next year with no breathing room to support such a grand project. Representatives agreed to continue the discussion with their own groups to decide where they stand regarding the project and the assistance they could provide.



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