Straight Canyon Band Gets Crowd on Their Feet *Photo Gallery*


As summer draws to a close, Culture Connection continued to entertain as the warm weather persisted on Thursday evening. This time, the Straight Canyon Band took to the Peace Garden stage.

Layne Miller, Price City Councilman, stated that the Straight Canyon Band is always a popular band. They are local and, according to Councilman Miller, locals always enjoy country music.

Next week, on Aug. 19, the final regular concert of the summer will be hosted. This means it is also the opening of the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival. This collaboration annually moves Culture Connection to Helper’s Main Street rather than the Price City Peace Garden.

“Come and join us at our sister city on Main Street in Helper,” shared Councilman Miller. “We’re thrilled to have Helper as our partner in this; it’s been a terrific thing over the years.”

The band that will conclude Culture Connection for the summer while also kicking off the festival is Memphis McCool. Councilman Miller explained that the band plays a unique brand of upbeat music that all will enjoy.

“We don’t want you fret because we are nearing the end of summer, because Culture Connection Extended continues through September and October with two concerts a month,” said Councilman Miller. “Trust us when we say it’s going to a party. Watch for further details.”

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