Student Behavior Highlights Sally Mauro’s Autumn


Mrs. Cox stands with her class that won the Penny Wars competition at Sally Mauro Elementary.

Carbon School District Press Release

Instructors can only teach and students can only learn when the behavior of those attending a school is proper, so the emphasis on student behavior this year is a primary goal at Sally Mauro Elementary Elementary.

“One of the main things we have been working on this year is the behavior of the students,” said Principal Blake Allen. “While we have our academic goals, rewarding that positive behavior among students is a top priority.”

The school has been sending out special postcards to students for their good behavior this year. Allen says he is asking teachers to send home three postcards a week to students who are exhibiting good behavior. These old-style, snail mail postcards are not for parents but are sent straight to the students. The cards feature an image of a Sally Mauro Bull on them and there is a good deal of space for teachers to write positive comments about the student it goes to. They are called “Bull Pride Postcards.”

“By the end of the year teachers will have sent at least one postcard or Toro Ticket to every student each month.”

There is also a tokens system in place that the paraprofessionals and specials teachers are giving away to students who exhibit desired behavior as well. Tokens are also awarded for leveling up in math and reading as well as returning reading calendars. The tokens are used for grade level rewards. At the end of the month the grade level that has the most tokens is rewarded with a special activity.

“So far this year we have had a number of those,” he said smiling. “When the fifth grade won, they shot water balloons at me out of a sling shot. Some of those balloons came in hot and heavy. I got pretty wet. The next activity for the winners will be a game of giant Twister in the gym.”

He said that the program is just focusing on the positive for all students in the school.

“For some students, teachers have to really look and find the small things to reward,” he explained. “For some, we have to pick out when they are good for even a few moments and jump on that and reward them for it.”

Illness has been a problem across the school district this year with many more students out. While little of that seems to be related to COVID, it has struck all schools hard.

“We have really been pushing good attendance, but on the other hand we don’t want students to come to school if they are sick either,” said Allen. “It’s a fine line. And as with all organizations, we are already short staffed in some areas, and when one of our team members is out sick it is really hard to find substitutes too.”

He said despite that his staff finds a way to make everything work.

“We have a great staff here and they pull it together no matter what happens. I am so proud of them and the job they do,” he concluded.

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