Students Compete at Geography Bee at Ferron Elementary


Ferron Elementary conducted a geography bee on Jan. 15. Students in grades 1-6 competed by answering a series of questions throughout various rounds. Competitors that placed first through third place received a gift card for their hard work.

Korby Christiansen took home the title of school champion and a geography bee medal. He will take the National Geographic test in the near future to see if he can advance to the state level competition. Others winners from the geography bee include:

1st grade: First place Hayden Christiansen, second place Grace Bernard, third place Tyleigh Fox

2nd grade: First place Mason Stewart, second place Monty Christiansen, third place Jack Christiansen

3rd grade: First place Keagan Casteel, second place Elyza Taylor, third place Tylee Perkins

4th grade: First place Byron Christiansen, second place Maggie Lindsey, third place Jacob Larson

5th grade: First place Parley Toomer, second place Matt Horrocks, third Bralin Wilde

6th grade: First place Korby Christiansen, second place Jewel Funk, third place Rebecca Barney




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