Students Compete in Geography Bee at Ferron Elementary


By Julie Johansen

Six students from each 4th, 5th and 6th grades competed in the National Geographic Geography Bee at Ferron Elementary Tuesday afternoon. After seven preliminary rounds the field of contestants narrowed to 9 students.  These students then competed in three semi-final rounds and the field was cut to 4.

After the final round Courtney Behling became the Geography Bee Champion, with Anne Stevens as runner-up. Behling will now take a test to determine if she can continue to compete on the state level in the spring.

Winners in the upper grades were, fourth grade: 1st Robert Russell, 2nd  Isabelle Perkins, 3rd Natalie Pace. Fifth grade: 1st Monty Christiansen, 2nd Camden Larsen, 3rd Sara Stevens. Sixth grade: 1st Courtney Behling, 2nd Anne Stevens, 3rd Sabrina West.

The lower grades, first, second, and third, also competed in the same manner earlier that day and the triumphant students were, First grade: 1st  Carson Bernard, 2nd Brayden Tennant, 3rd Paizley Jackson. Second grade: 1st Jett Winn, 2nd, William Grant, 3rd Brindlayn Grange. Third grade: 1st Kaicee Behling, 2nd Macen Thornley, 3rd Landon Braun.

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