Suited for Good Program Dresses Local Driven to Succeed


Suited for Good is a program through Utah Woolen Mills (UWM) that assists in outfitting men that need proper attire for interviews or are simply looking for a helping hand.

UWM President BJ Stringham created the program because he stated that a man’s appearance is louder than their words for the interviewer. Stringham and his parents decided to extend the reach of the program and searched for others in Utah that needed Suited for Good.

They then found Tyson Benally, who is a Price resident and is in a pivotal time in his life. Benally moved to the Castle Country area from Salt Lake City upon finishing probation eight years ago and began to work at the local food bank part-time. He spent three years at the food bank building relationships with clients.

Through these relationships, Benally was presented with a working opportunity. A local low-income weatherization and insulation company proposed hiring Benally. However, to obtain the job, he would have to complete his schooling with a GED or diploma.

Benally is currently working on accomplishing just that and wished to look great at his graduation ceremony. This is when UWM stepped in and Suited for Good happily supplied Benally with a suit that he will be wearing at his ceremony.

“The suit is my families, the suit is the communities, the suit is a statement that is to say ‘we all can do this.’ The inspiration from the donation leaves me with no hesitation to wear the suit with honor, with hope that others understand that that there are wonders of the world that are still yours to have with family push and community hope,” Benally stated.

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