Sunnyside City Council Discusses Everything but the Merger at Council Meeting


The Sunnyside City Council did not discuss the matter of merging with East Carbon at its latest meeting. However, many other issues were on the agenda.

Though the potential Sunnyside/East Carbon merger wasn’t discussed, other mattersВ involvingВ the two cities were. An issue that could include East Carbon in the near future is the ambulance program. As of now, Sunnyside will not be able to be the lone supporter of the ambulance. If the merge does happen, the two cities will share the cost of the program. Until that time, Mayor Doug Parsons plans to speak to East Carbon about potentially sharing the finances of the ambulance until a decision on the merge is made.

Other notes from the meeting:

Councilmen approved the Community Covenant Program. The program will support the current military servicemen and women and veterans in Sunnyside.

A motion was passed to buy new boots for firefighters.

New requirements have been made by the EPA for the process of approved burning. The new requirements will be announced in the near future.

Councilman Kelly Maynes reported that work has begun in the cemetery to repair graves that have sunk into the ground and that the work will continue throughout the cemetery.

Mayor Parsons then spoke of the 8th Annual Tree City Award luncheon on April 9 in St. George and in Salt Lake City April 16. Three council members were invited to attend the luncheon. The council will look further into sending a representative of Sunnyside to the Salt Lake City luncheon.

New business included a notice to all departments to submit their 2013-2014 budget request by the end of March.

Notices of filing for candidacy for mayor and council positions are due in June. Currently, Mayor Parsons, Councilman Tony Riffle, and Councilwoman Sherry Madrid plan to run for the mayoral position.

Councilmen discussed potentially purchasing property along Highway 123. The property would allow work to be pursued along the highway.

Finally, a motion was carried to purchase new blinds for the Kar-en-Kurl Shop windows.

Public comments were then allowed. One gentleman was concerned about the power plant being devalued this tax season. Madrid stated that she had already spoken to the county to reevaluate the power plant.

The meeting closed with an agreement to pay all payables for the city, and the request for membership from Castleland Resource Conservation and Development was postponed until the next meeting.


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