Sunnyside Concerned About Utility Prices


Citizens concerned about possible utility bill hikes flooded the Sunnyside City Council Meeting Tuesday at Sunnyside City Hall.

Jay Mashburn, a technical assistance provider, gave a presentation on utility tax rates. He suggested the City Council save money for contingencies. He also suggested the City needs to create a reserve account for water system emergencies and fidelity.

Mashburn said, “There is a lot of it you take for granted until it breaks, and then… who’s bill is it?”

Many citizens voiced concerns over raising utility bills, though the City Council did not make any motion to raise them.

The Council discussed building a kiosk at the park that people could post community information. The original plan was to use an old sign case that had a Plexiglas covering, but Council Members decided against it to try to avoid using anything breakable.

Sunnyside added firefighter James Anderson and EMTs Alexis Valdez and Jack Manchester to the emergency response force.

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