Sunnyside Resident Arrested in Child Sexual Abuse Case


On Nov. 17, 67-year-old Sunnyside resident John Singer was booked into the Carbon County Jail on one count of sexual abuse of a child, a second degree felony.

According to the probable case statement, a law enforcement officer interviewed a victim on Nov. 7. Following questioning the victim, the officer handling the case then proceeded to interview Singer, who reportedly denied the allegations set against him.

Singer was then subjected to a lie detector test, which he allegedly failed. According to the probable cause statement, Singer then reportedly changed his answers to some of the questions.

With this in mind, it was determined that Singer presented a possible danger and was booked into jail. It was also determined that Singer will be held without bail. A preliminary hearing for Singer was then scheduled for Dec. 4.

At this Webex hearing, it was indicated that the desire was for the defendant to remain incarcerated while the investigation and case were ongoing. It was decided that Singer would be held at least until his arraignment case, which was then set for Dec. 11.

At the arraignment, Singer pleaded not guilty to the formal charges, which included six charges of first degree aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

A review on the defendant will take place on Jan. 19, followed by a pretrial conference and review on Feb. 16. Finally, the jury trial is set to begin on March 24 and will run through March 26.

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