Support Carbon Caring for Kids This Holiday Season


Carbon Caring for Kids is a well-known organization created by Marcy Loveless that aims to ensure that children within the county do not spend time at home hungry. The organization recently shared a post thanking all that assisted with the Thanksgiving kits. With that in mind, it was shared that Carbon Caring for Kids is now preparing for the Christmas season and is in need of 136 kits.

The organization stated that this time, they are going to try something a bit different by having the volunteers pack and assemble the kits as a family. The organization has the bags for kits and those interested can obtain the bags at Loveless’ home and pack the kits at home. Participants can then transfer the kits to the bags in her garage or porch upon drop-off or drop the kits in two separate grocery bags at any drop-off location and the kits will be transferred.

Items needed in each kit include a box of cereal, peanut butter, jam, five microwaveable Chef Boyardee products, four tuna/chicken and cracker packs, six to eight fruit cups, four applesauce pouches or cups, 10 granola bars and 10 to 12 individual snacks, preferably in a variety.

Additional items for the kits include Gossner milk, a turkey dinner, a loaf of bread, fruits and veggies, and a few extra snacks. There are four different drop-off points for the kits: Loveless’ home, 1551 West 360 North in Price, Love-Less Ash Co., Carbon Print and Design, and Jake Mellor Financial. Those that wish to assist should comment on the post on Facebook in order to keep track of how many kits have been made.

The kits will need to be completed and dropped off at one of the aforementioned locations by Wednesday, Dec. 9.

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