Suspect Apprehended in Green River for Possible Kidnapping


On June 20, a law enforcement official with the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) was notified of a vehicle near Salina that was possibly carrying a victim that had left a note stating she was allegedly being held against her will.

The officer began looking for the vehicle on I-70 before moving the efforts into Green River, where a ping on his phone was reported to show the vehicle near Love’s Fuel Stations at the west end of the city.

Upon locating a vehicle that matched the description of the suspect’s and heading toward it, the officer reported that the driver drove off of the painted red curb and across the street to the north Love’s truck stop. The officer then activated the emergency lights and the vehicle stopped.

UHP Officer Guy Webster approached the driver’s side and made contact with the driver, a male, before requesting his driver’s license. The driver allegedly stated that he did not have identification and proceeded to write his name and date of birth on a receipt before informing Officer Webster that his license was from Alabama.

Following, the smell of marijuana was noticed by the law enforcement official. The driver reportedly admitted to having a burnt marijuana cigarette in a cup in the console, presenting it for Webster.

Webster then asked the driver to pull forward near a semi truck and trailer that was on the edge of the parking lot to conduct further investigations. Though the driver agreed and pulled forward, the officer stated that he drove further and seemed to be attempting to flee. This was something that the suspect allegedly admitting to thinking about doing.

However, an Emery County Deputy arrived and pulled in front of the driver, blocking his path. The driver exited his vehicle, was taken into custody following a brief stand-off and a female passenger was then focused on.

Webster stated that the passenger appeared very emotional and scared. Another female approached the UHP official and gave a note that she claimed was from the passenger. It was given to her in the restroom of the gas station, which asked the female to phone her daughter and call in a missing car.

The letter also allegedly stated that the suspect had taken the passenger’s phone. The suspect and victim were both then taken to the substation in Green River following an inventory of the vehicle.

During the inventory, a glass jar with marijuana buds and more marijuana in a grocery bag was reportedly located in the vehicle, alongside identification for the suspect, which showed a different name and date of birth.

The reported belief was that the female was held against her will and had been the victim of assaults. The suspect, Richard Phillips, was found to be driving on a suspended license from Michigan. He also had multiple warrants and a protective order that was shown to be valid, prohibiting the suspect from being near the victim.

Phillips was arrested for a count of kidnapping, one count of violating a protective order and the possession of a controlled substance (marijuana/spice). Phillips was also arrested on the charges of operating a vehicle without a license or registration and providing a peace officer false information.

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