Suspect in Wellington Rape Case Pleads Guilty


Wellington resident Dwaine Stacey Shaw, 21, plead guilty to four first- degree felonies in 7th District Court on Monday.

Shaw was taken into custody in May after he was connected with a horendous crime just a few months before. On January 13, Shaw broke into a young woman’s Wellington apartment, and brutally assaulted and raped the victim at knife point. The victim struggled, and was eventually able to break free from the suspect and immediately report the crime. However, she was unable to identify him due to the clown mask used to disguise his features. Shaw was considered a person of interest, but police could not make an arrest until DNA evidence collected at the scene was investigated at the Utah State Crime Lab.

Reports released Shaw showed no emotion Monday, as Judge George Harmond explained the rights associated with his guilty plea. Officials believe that with Shaw behind bars and convicted, not only the victim of the incident will be put at ease, but the community of Wellington and beyond. Residents were deepley affected by the crime, local authorities received calls for weeks after the incident from parents fearing for the safety of their young children, while the suspect roamed free.

Shaw plead guilty to rape, forcible sodomy,aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated burglary. Sentencing will take place on November 26. Until that time, Shaw will remain in the Carbon County Jail.

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