Suspension of USUE Men’s Basketball Activities Lifted, Trio Still Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Assault


As of Wednesday afternoon, the suspension of men’s basketball activities at USU Eastern was lifted with the exception of two team members as well as one player on the women’s team.

According to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Greg Dart, the remaining 13 players on the men’s team are now allowed to continue organized workouts, team meetings, weight training and team functions before official practice begins on Oct. 1. 

The temporary suspension on all team activities follows a report of alleged sexual assault on Sept. 11. Dart explained that due to the ongoing investigation, activities were suspended to ensure that nothing hindered investigators’ work.

“There is no police report yet but they have been able to come to the conclusion that they can reinstate the team and take the cloud of suspicion off the team for those not involved,” Dart explained.

The investigation did lead to a woman on the university’s Lady Eagles basketball team, resulting in the suspension of the player pending the inquiry. Dart anticipates that a police report regarding the alleged report could be issued as early as next week. The report will then be sent to the Carbon County Attorney to determine if any criminal charges will be filed.

In addition to the police investigation, which is being handled by campus police, Price City Police and the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, Dart explained that a Title IX investigation is also being conducted. The Title IX investigation helps the university determine if sanctions will be taken against the students by USU Eastern. That report is expected to be concluded within one to two weeks following the police report. Even if no criminal charges are filed against the trio, sanctions, ranging from community service to expulsion, could still be taken by USU Eastern.

Dart did emphasize that the suspension is only for basketball-related activities, not all activities at USU Eastern. The three involved are still able to continue their coursework throughout the investigation.

“The students are still attending classes,” Dart explained. “They are students in good standing.”


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