Sustainable Success: A Perfect Smile


Photos courtesy of Misty Metelko

By Timothy Kennedy

While it is difficult for anyone in the medical field to reduce energy use and waste, A Perfect Smile in Price has done just that.

Dr. Blane Jackson built a new home for A Perfect Smile nearly seven years ago with a goal of offering state-of-the-art equipment that reduces energy use as well as practices that reduce waste. Many small changes have led to big results within the office.

To start, A Perfect Smile migrated to the use of digital x-rays, thereby reducing waste by eliminating film, developer solution and the shipping/packaging associated with these materials. The office has also gone 100% chartless, meaning that all records are now digital. New patients fill out paperwork online to further reduce waste.

Dr. Jackson and his staff use organic cleanings, such as silk floss and pumice in a glass dish (as opposed to single use cups). The staff also uses reusable products that can be sterilized rather than single-use items. The hygiene team then sends patients home with a bamboo toothbrush in a cardboard sleeve, as opposed to the common plastic offerings.

The efforts of A Perfect Smile have even extended outside of the building with the construction and implementation of solar panels that neighbor the dental office. The panels provide power to the office and store unused energy for cloudy days.

What A Perfect Smile can’t reduce or reuse, it recycles. The office recycles office paper, magazines, cardboard and plastic bags. The staff use Green Team of Carbon County trailers to recycle paper, magazines and cardboard. While cardboard recycling is only available at the black expanded metal trailer located behind Market Express Sinclair on South Carbon Avenue, Green Team volunteers regularly transport the cardboard to Love-Less Ash Company in Price. Love-Less Ash then bails the cardboard onsite and transports it to Salt Laky City to be recycled.

The staff at A Perfect Smile also recycles plastic bags, taking advantage of the plastic bag recycling program at Smith’s. But, it hasn’t stopped there. The Perfect Smile team continues to work to find new and innovative ways to increase its environmental sustainability while also encouraging others to make changes.

“If a medical office can do it, so can you,” A Perfect Smile staff shared. “We are still learning and are always excited to try more ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Please let us know more ways to do better.”

For more information on A Perfect Smile, including their recycling efforts, please contact Misty Metelko, RDH, at (435) 637-2100 or stop by 230 North Fairgrounds Road in Price.



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