Sustainable Success: Office Equipment Company


Photo courtesy of Office Equipment’s Jordan Steele

By Timothy Kennedy

Office Equipment Company (OEC) has been a staple in the local community for years as a supplier of office supplies, electronics, computer equipment, copy machines, office furniture, unique gifts and more. Since the business sells many physical products, co-owners Jacob and Jordan Steele have ensured recycling of the products they sell as a top priority.

Office Equipment Company’s recycling journey began years ago as the business started recycling remanufactured ink and toner cartridges. Original equipment manufacturer ink and toner cartridges (such as HP, Cannon, etc.) can be refilled and reused 3-4 times. The plastic is then recycled once the cartridges are not able to be refilled.

Recycling for the business has evolved and grown throughout the years, expanding to include paper shredding, cardboard recycling and repurposing pallets.

For the past year, Office Equipment Company has been collaborating with 50 businesses in Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan and Sevier counties for document shredding. The business gathers approximately 16,000 pounds of shredded paper each month, which is then delivered to recycling centers in the Salt Lake Valley. In turn, the recycling centers bale the paper and sell it to paper mills. The paper mills produce post-consumer paper products like paper towels, toilet paper and packaging materials.

Office Equipment Company encourages businesses to consider shredding their paper for privacy and sustainability. OEC offers a one-time or subscription shredding service. Those that utilize the service will have their documents shredded on-site by a mobile shredder.

In addition to document shredding, OEC also gathers cardboard that is a byproduct of operations. The cardboard is then collected and recycled by the Green Team of Carbon County every 10 days. Additionally, Office Equipment Company offers pallets for free to anyone that wants them.

For more information on Office Equipment Company, including its recycling efforts, please call (435) 637-6570 or stop by 55 East Main Street in Price.

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