T-Mobile Donates Generously to E. Clampus Vitus Sub For Santa Program


In September, T-mobile made the announcement that Helper was one of 25 small towns that were the recipients of the Hometown Grants. These grants are utilized to kickstart community development projects and build on what makes the town unique.

Helper quickly went to work utilizing the funds in a number of ways, including new lighting for Main Street and work on the historic Janet Street underpass.

T-Mobile recently contacted Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman and stated that they wished to help out further, inquiring on whether the city had a Santa program of any sort. Mayor Peterman put T-Mobile in touch with the Matt Warner Chapter of the E. Clampus Vitus, who runs Sub for Santa each year.

Through a combined effort, T-Mobile successfully donated 100 limited edition T-Mobile Light-Brites to the Clampers, who will begin to distribute this unique gift through their Sub for Santa program.

The Sub For Santa program is hosted each year by the Clampers, who raise funds in various ways to ensure that presents are purchased and given to children each holiday season.

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