Talent Shines at the ECPTA Piano Festival


The ECPTA held its annual piano festival at USU Eastern on Saturday, March 9.

Seventy Four participants aging from Kindergarten to 12th took part in the event. The students were tested in performance, listening, theory, sight-reading, and technique.

Awards were given to the following individuals:

Performance (K-2) Winners: BreElle Parkins and Aubrie Sharp. Runners-up: Dallin Bryant and Danielle Ori. Honorable Mention: Lizzy Blackburn and Kinlee Payne.

Performance (3-4) Winners: Kaylie Sharp and Kohler Tanner. Runners-up: Nya Parkins, Maggie Lindey and Abigail Johansen. Honorable Mention: Zacharie Hadfield and Riggs Griffin.

Performance (5-6) Winners: Britlie Sharp and Jessa Hollyoak. Runners-up: Brynn Urie, Alexis Johansen and Daniel Bone. Honorable Mention: Maryn Allred, Shyler Griffin, Kelsy Hulse and Taylor Lindsey.

Performance (7-9) Winner: Vivian Baker. Runners-up: Stetler Tanner and Laci Hulse. Honorable Mention: Zachery Fauver, Vanessa Snow, and Addy Taylor.

Performance (10-12) Winner: Aaron Brower Runners-up: Jake Carpenter and McKenna Holyoak. Honorable Mention: Adam Bone.

Technique: Winners: Stetler Tanner, Rebecca Carroll and Kohler Tanner. Honorable Mention: Vivian Baker, Shem Guymon, Lauren Bone, Taylor Lindsey, Braden Howard, Dallin Bryant, Spencer Hadfield, Brianne Benson, Abram Hadfield, Abigail Johansen, Emily Jesperson, Skyler Sitterud, Spencer Holyoak, Brans Petersen, and Allison Thomas.

Sight Reading: Winners: Anna Bryner and Spencer Hadfield. Honorable Mention: Lindsey Jespersen, Spencer Holyoak, Brian Petersen, and Kohler Tanner.

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