Talking Fairness at the Green River Canal Shareholder Meeting


Photo by Stephanie Olsen

By Robin Hunt

The Green River Canal board hosted its annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday evening. Only the board and those assisting with the virtual stream attended the meeting in person at Green River City Hall. Other participants attended via Zoom.

The bulk of the meeting centered around deciding on a contract for all of the shareholders to pay off the $6.5 million dam so that all shareholders are doing their part. The board’s main goal is to come up with a contract that all shareholders can agree on to ensure that everyone pays fairly.

Another item of discussion included the fact that four board members are up for re-election. The board entertained nominations for new board members, which will be voted on during the next meeting. Some of the nominations included CJ Vetere, Coby Hunt, Devan Meadows, Kathy Ryan, Phillip Dinkins, Cindy Bowerman, Tim Vetere and Bryan Meadows. 

Next, Neil Anderson from Utah State University shared water and soil salinity issues. Essentially, he explained that the board needs to be aware of who is dumping water into the canal, and approve or deny it. Otherwise, high salinity water may come into the canal and stunt crops. 

To conclude, it was stated that the date of the next meeting is to be announced.

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