Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrated in Carbon and Emery Counties


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The dates of May 4-8 are also known as Teacher Appreciation Week. This week seems more prudent than ever as teachers are working hard to shift their focus from classroom-based learning to online and at home schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of this, many of the local schools have taken time to show their appreciation for the teachers. Creekview Elementary shared a message stating that they wished for all to know how much the teachers are appreciated.

“We love them and we are so lucky to have the thoughts and ideas of every single one of them on our team,” the school shared.

Alongside this message, Bruin Point Elementary has organized a teacher/staff appreciation parade that is slated to take place on Thursday evening. Teachers and staff are invited to attend and receive a cheese or pepperoni pizza for dinner as well as refreshments. Huntington Elementary is also celebrating the week at a distance by encouraging the students to engage in a different socially distant activity with a teacher of their choosing each day.

For the Emery School District’s May newsletter, Superintendent Larry Davis took the time to pen a heartfelt message to all of the teachers that reside within the district.

“Teachers have been deemed ‘essential’ in these dark days but should also be deemed as such in days of light too. They are not simply a convenience, though they make themselves available; a babysitter, though they care for their students like they were their own children; or a miracle worker, though they do miraculous things on a daily basis. The darkness weighs heavily on even the strongest on our planet, but especially on the most vulnerable, including our children,” Superintendent Davis stated.

Carbon School District Superintendent Lance Hatch also took time to thank the teachers within his district for all that they do, stating that there is something very noble about the choice to dedicate one’s life to the support and well-being of other human beings.

“The value of Carbon School District teachers cannot ever fully be measured by tests or statistical data,” Hatch said. “The true value of our teachers is found in the confidence and positive relationships they provide for students. On behalf of the whole community, appreciation is felt deeply for all teachers who find a way to help students learn while making sure they know they are important and that someone cares about them. Our teachers are simply the best.”

ETV News and Emery Telcom also wish the celebrate teachers throughout Cabron and Emery counties. Throughout this week, members of the community are encouraged to nominate their favorite teacher for a chance to win a special prize basket courtesy of ETV News and Emery Telcom. For more information and to nominate a teacher, visit ETV News or Emery Telcom on Facebook.

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