Teacher Shuffle Challenges Emery County School Board


The Emery County School Board discussed Wednesday a staffing shortage among teachers at San Rafael Junior High School.

The concern began when a recently hired English teacher quit shortly after being hired. The resignation and subsequent inability to find a replacement forced educators to juggle existing teachers.

Jarett Gilbert agreed to move from Ferron Elementary to SRJH full-time to teach math and physical education classes. The move allowed other teachers to fill the void, but it created a vacancy at the elementary school.

Board members did not announce the new teacher at Ferron Elementary.

Superintendent Kirk Sitterud quipped, “Today we’re staffed, but I don’t know about tomorrow.”

In other news, the summer has been busy for the district’s maintenance personnel.

Maintenance projects included:

  • new carpet at Green River High School, SRJH and Ferron Elementary
  • tree removal and trimming at SRJH, Cleveland Elementary and Castle Dale elementary
  • new lights for the Emery High School football field, Canyon View Junior High School gym, SRJH gym and Castle Dale Elementary gym

Kerry Lake presented a slide show detailing the summer’s maintenance work.

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