Teacher Spotlight: Heidi Essex


Reflecting on her time in high school, Essex finds her current profession comical due to the fact that she hated history when she was studying it.

She believes this was due to her teacher of the time. To Essex, he was dull with no pizzaz and the class learned only about the Cold War.

As she aged into her 20s, 30s and 40s, Essex states that she started enjoying pre-history such as ancient peoples and their cultures. It was then that she began studying genealogy, learning interesting things about her own family.
After 2008, the decision was made by Essex to start working a job that had meaning. In 2009, she began college and completed on August 12, 2016, earning her Bachelors degree, majoring in history and minoring in anthropology, Essex went on to work in adult education for the last two years.

A last minute opening at the Lighthouse High School prompted principal Karlene Bianco to request that Essex apply as the Social Studies teacher. Interviewing on August 15, she found herself in teachers meetings by August 17. Essex states the process isn’t usually that quick but she believes that the universe was on her side that month.
Currently, she is doing the Alternate Route to Licensing to obtain her Level 1 teaching license.
Essex boasts that she is a lover of coffee and that her favorite color is “all of nature’s colors.”

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