Tennis Court Decision Still Unresolved


The newly formed tennis court committee announced Tuesday at the Price City Council meeting that members were working on a two to three-year-plan to revamp the City’s tennis courts.

The committee was looking into short-term fixes that would lead to long-term restoration, but members were undecided on which course of action to take.

“Everything we need will just have to be addressed in the master plan,” Robert Richens said. “The City, County and the school district are working to provide great recreational resources and we’d really like the public to utilize them because that will show the City Council how much people want [the courts] there.”

The committee talked about $17,500-$20,000 worth of repairs, which could be allocated at the next City Council Meeting.

The tennis courts could be permanently closed at the end of the Carbon High School girl’s tennis season if a resolution is unattainable.

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