Tentative Budgets Discussed by Emery County Commissioners


The Emery County Commission hosted a regularly-scheduled meeting on Tuesday where they tackled a number of common items. Two of these items were the 2020 tentative budget for the county as well as the tentative 2020 budget for the Castle Valley Special Service District (CVSSD).

While Commissioner Kent Wilson was excused from the meeting, Commission Chair Lynne Sitterud and Commissioner Gil Conover were ready to handle the items. In 2018, the general fund budget totaled $9,836,311. For 2019, the budget was set at $9,596,713. For the upcoming 2020 year, the proposed tentative budget was announced as $9,786,637.

It was explained that each of these budgets were being presented to the commissioners at this time due to the law that the tentative budget must be given to the commissioners by Nov. 1.

From here, the commissioners explained that they will speak with the individual departments and have a solid fund to present in December. The tentative 2020 budget for the county was approved.

For the CVSSD, there are three budgets. These budgets are the general fund, capital project fund and service fund. The main operating fund for the CVSSD is the general.

It was explained that the capital project fund is completely dependent on the upcoming bond election. If approved, the CVSSD will be able to move forward with the CIB application. If not, the fund will be drastically different. It was further explained to the commissioners that the tentative budget had not yet been approved by the administrative control board but they would meet before the end of the week.

The total revenue expected for the CVSSD in 2020 will be $2,745,000. This proposed budget was also approved by the commissioners.

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