TGIF Entertains Pokémon Goers


Friday evening saw children and adults alike on their handheld devices on the USU Eastern campus playing the new Pokémon Go virtual reality app as part of TGIF in the Park.

Pokémon Go is an mobile app that allows someone to be a Pokémon master. Based off a player’s geographical location, a wide variety of Pokémon can be caught.

“It’s been my dream to be able to actually catch Pokémon,” explained Cameron West, an ambassador for USU Eastern. “It’s like glorified geocaching.”

TGIF was part of Price City’s International Day festivities and was held at various locations on the USU Eastern campus. The USU-Eastern sponsored TGIF event also had various activities such as disc golf, bubble balls and ultimate frisbee.

Participants that attended were treated to free Pokémon team t-shirts. Friday’s activities are scheduled to include the Wibit and canoe battleship.

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