TGIF in the Park Features National Guard Members


TGIF in the park is an event brought to life through the collaboration of the Desert Wave Pool and Carbon County Recreation. The idea for the event came from noticing that many teens and some children are seen hanging out in parks at night. Carbon Recreation and the pool wanted to organize something that gave these kids and teens something fun to do in a more organized environment.

On Friday, TGIF in the Park welcomed members of the National Guard. The National Guard members led the kids through fun activities such as swimming, three-on-three basketball and even a game of volleyball. From the first week the event has taken place, attendance has steadily increased. The event costs $2 each time or $7 to join for a month.

“We are hoping for this to expand and be a safe place for teenagers,” expressed Frank Ori, director of Carbon County Recreation.

The goal of TGIF in the park is to have 40 to 100 teens and children at each event so that the program can hopefully be expanded into other nights of the week. During the next TGIF in the Park on July 1, there will be fireworks, horseshoes, basketball and free food. The event is hosted from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. every Friday night this summer at Washington Park and the Desert Wave Pool in Price.

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