The Blessing Box Comes to Carbon County


Press Release

“It’s just a plain box.” They are calling it the Blessing Box. It’s a steel cabinet with shelves and it is located outside the Trinity Christian Center. The Blessing Box is a new program sponsored by the Trinity Christian Center to help make sure that people don’t go hungry.

It is a box that people can place extra items of food in that they want to donate. And people can take the food that they need if they are hungry. “There are lots of big programs that help in big way like welfare and the food bank,” says Kendra Seeley, who helped put this program together, “This is a small thing to help in small times of need.”

Pastor of the Trinity Christian Center, David Alvorez, supported the project from the beginning, “We want to be a part of this in any way we can and putting it in front of our church felt like the right place for the Blessing Box.” Seeley explains, “There is no regulation, no embarrassment, or guilt. People simply take what they need and the Blessing Box is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

The community is invited to participate by donating to the Blessing Box and by passing the word along to anyone that might need some occasional extra food to keep from going hungry.

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