The Carbon County Search and Rescue Demolition Derby is Returning


Derby stock photo by Jeff Barrett

This week, the Carbon County Sheriff Search and Rescue announced that the annual Demolition Derby, hosted each summer, is returning once again.

The derby was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Carbon County Search and Rescue remarked that they hope to present a great show again this year. This year’s derby is slated for Aug. 14 and Sheriff Jeff Wood stated that it is planned to be business as usual.

“We’re hoping that the COVID restrictions and everything will be accommodating for our event,” Sheriff Wood said.

He continued by stating that he believes that they can host the derby and maintain safety for all. The process of planning has begun as Carbon County Search and Rescue has met and began with the derby assignments. Committees have been formed for developing rules and classes for the cars.

“We’re very excited for this year’s event,” stated Sheriff Wood.

Event organizers are hoping to have a high car count to put on a big show for the community. Tire King in Price conducts the registration for the derby and also has the rules for the class that is chosen to build in. The classes are mini class, which is always the biggest and easiest to build, 80s cars and newer, mini van and mini trucks (combined), and full-sized trucks. Generally, there is also a misfit class that takes in anything else.

Sheriff Wood also remarked that it is important to know how many have signed up. This is crucial as the pay out is based on the car count. The class with the biggest car count is the class that pays out.

Gear up for this summer’s Demolition Derby and hurry to Tire King, located at 535 East Main Street, to sign up and be in on the action.

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