The Cat’s Meow, Girls Save Kittens From Water Drain


Emery Animal Control saved two stuck kittens from a storm drain in Castle Dale Tuesday evening after a call from four local girls. The girls found the vocal kittens as they rode their bikes passed the drain.

Upon finding the kittens in their ordeal, the girls placed a phone call to local authorities who then dispatched Emery Animal Control to the scene.

Animal Control worker Nauch Arien descended into the drain in attempt to retrieve the kittens, but found they needed a little coaxing. A can of tuna fish later, the kittens were in safe hands. A third kitten was rescued the night before from the same drain.

“I am really glad we were able to help the kittens and that Animal Control was so willing to help out.” said Anna Turner, one of the four girls.

The kittens were getting into the drain just 10 feet away from where they were rescued.

“We had to do something,” said Heidi DeFriez, another of the four. “The poor babies were going to starve and I am just happy we were able to get them out.”

Animal Control took the kittens, though the girls wanted to keep them. They will now be available for adoption.

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