The Clampers Celebrate Matt Warner


The month of April means many things to many people, including warmer weather, time for yard work and the approaching summer. For the Matt Warner Chapter of the E. Clampus Vitus, April is a special month as they take time each spring to celebrate Warner’s birthday.

This took place once again on Saturday, April 9 at the Clamper Hall, which is located on Helper City’s Main Street. The day began with Clamper initiation, which took place between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., before welcoming all for the birthday celebration and chuckwagon dinner.

Opening the festivities, John Magnuson spoke on the organization of the Matt Warner Chapter 1900 of E. Clampus Vitus while also explaining to those in attendance the use of Warner’s name for the chapter. The special guest of the evening was Warner’s grandson, who spoke on little-known facts of Warner’s life.

The fun continued as dinner was served to all in attendance and Roger Metzger recited Warner’s poem, “Old Cowboy.” Metzger and Garry Parrot also spoke on Warner and Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery, which took place in Telluride, Colorado.

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