The Deltaz is Returning to Perform at the Rio Theater in Helper


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The Deltaz have graced Carbon County with their presence multiple times over the years. They are a band based out of California comprised of three members: Ted Siegel, who performs vocals and plays guitar, brother John Siegel, who also sings, plays the harmonica and drums and third member Mico Olmos who plays the bass.

The band will be heading out on the road for a tour, hitting around ten cities and towns along the way. The members enjoyed being in Carbon County so often that they reached out to Lenise Peterman in hopes of being able to perform here once more.

Vocalist Ted Siegel stated that the community is one of the main reasons that they enjoy performing in Carbon County, specifically Helper.

“The people keep drawing us back to Helper, they’re a great audience,” Ted stated.

Stating that some of their favorite fans in the country are in Helper, Ted also said that Helper is a beautiful place to go and quite a change of pace for some California guys.

The Deltaz will be performing in Helper once more at The Rio Theater on the 18th of March with opening act Project 7. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets are available for $10 at the door. This will be the first time that the band will be performing inside the theater, which is exciting for both the members and the listening audience. This event will raise funds for the annual Helper Arts and Music Festival.

“We are just really grateful that the people in Helper come out and support us,” said Ted, “It makes us so happy to see their familiar faces at our show when we come through.”


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