The East Carbon Library is Open and Ready for Readers


The East Carbon Library is now open and ready for community members to utilize. When the Bookmobile stopped traveling through the area, it was realized quickly that the people of East Carbon wanted another option.

Thus the need for creating this library. The East Carbon Library is a branch of the Helper City Library and has something for everyone, including books for young children, elementary children, teenagers and adults. There are computers available for use as well as DVDs for all ages.

Though there is still work to be done in the library, mostly in the form of cataloguing the books, there is plenty for community members to peruse and enjoy.

It was also stated that the library has a grant that is set to expire in September and works to bring in more books. If a patron notices that something they desire is not at the library, they are encouraged to let them know. This way, they can request it and hopefully receive it before the grant is up.

The library is located at 595 Edgehill Drive, the Petersen Building Community Center, and will be open every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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