Family Support and Children’s Justice Center Thanks AJ’s Custom Body and Paint, Spectrum Paint for Van Upgrade


Pictured: Roberta Lovato, Shelley Wright, Sandi Regruto, Brenda Pappas and Colleen Milchak with Joe and Allan Stout of AJ’s Custom Body and Paint 

The Carbon County branch of the Family Support and Children’s Justice Center continually serves the community by helping children and their families build stronger and healthier relationships. Inconceivable work and effort is put forth by the center’s staff on a daily basis.

For some time, the center has been in dire need of transportation in order to assist the families they serve. There are many families that do not have their own means, or access, to transportation. This causes the families to have limited access to all of the resources and services that are provided by the community.

In April of this year, the center was given some wonderful news: the Carbon County Senior Citizen Center would graciously donate a van to them. This donation enabled the center to bridge the gap of traveling and aiding families in transporting them to activities such as Group Connections, which is hosted at the Family Support and Children’s Justice Center.

When the van was donated, it was in great condition and had low mileage. However, the senior citizen center’s logos were still on the exterior; it also needed a new paint job. The center began the process of gathering bids and were overjoyed when AJ’s Custom Body and Paint Shop offered to do the work for free, granted that the paint be provided.

Spectrum Paint was then contacted and informed of the situation. Spectrum Paint generously agreed to to donate the paint in full. The work on the van has been completed, with the exception of the Justice Center’s logo being placed on the exterior. The center is currently working with Sign Edge, who agreed to donate half of the price toward the logo.

The employees of the Family Support and Children’s Justice Center are in awe of the support that has been received, stating that community partners have been so generous in making their vision come true; going above and beyond in donating their time and services in order to serve families.

“Words cannot express how appreciative we are of the support we’ve received from Spectrum Paint and AJ’s. It’s unimaginable what they’ve done for us and the community,” stated Shelley Wright, director of the center.

The employees of the center would like to thank AJ’s Custom Body and Paint, Spectrum Paint and Sign Edge.

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