The Fight Within


ETV News stock photo by Dusty Butler

New head coach Becky Cummings and the Spardettes are preparing for another winter season. “This team is super talented. They have great technique and are strong tumblers, which is fun,” said Cummings. “I’ve never really had that experience before, having so many that are tumblers.”

This year, Emery is comprised of three seniors and a well-balanced group of underclassmen. “They’re strong dancers. They’ve got some incredible tumbling and turns,” said Cummings. “They have some great technique.”

While there is certainly talent all around the room, including a new move-in from Las Vegas, the Spardettes are searching for cohesion. “One of their weaknesses is getting it together to look like one person.” Cummings continued, “If they were soloists, they’d all look amazing. But, to get them to look like one has been my greatest challenge.”

Like any season, there are a lot of external and internal factors that go into winning, but one thing all coaches from all sports hope for is health. Unfortunately for Emery Drill, the injury bug has spread itself around the room, disrupting the flow of practice. “It has been the year of injury. No one can ever do it full out,” mentioned Cummings. “I think that is why we’re not together.”

But, don’t count the Spartans out yet; this is a determined group that will continue to battle. “Oh man, they’re talented, sweet and wonderful girls. The capability is there. We just need to find that moment where we can all be together.” Cummings concluded, “We’re fighting. I’m pretty proud of them. I’m really proud of the fight within them.”

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