The Finishing Touches Are Being Added to Millsite Dam


Placing dental concrete at dike near the golf course south of the spillway.

By Julie Johansen

By the end of March, the embankment on the south side of MIllsite Dam next to the spillway will be to the prescribed elevation. This makes it possible to finish the concrete work in order for the water to be stored this upcoming runoff year.

Three of the five apex walls (corners) are now being formed to be poured and the last two will be poured later this spring. The last wall of the spillway will also be poured by the middle of April. Then, the floor overlay can be added to complete the spillway by the end of May. If, by chance, the reservoir should begin the spill, the refloor can be added later.

Work is also continuing on the golf course. The pond liner is being installed as well as sprinkler lines and spouts. The course is open for golfers with barriers in place around hole #3.

It is predicted that by August 2021, the rehabilitation of Millsite Dam will be complete.

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