The Future of Price Sears Hometown Store


The owners and operators of the local Sears Hometown store, Rich and Francie Jones, made the recent decision to take it upon themselves to inform the community of the future of the business.

“With the recent news surrounding Sears Holdings Corporation, we want to assure our customers and trade partners that we are going strong and will continue providing the community access to the brands they love and need,” the Jones’ stated.

The duo went on to explain that Sears Hometown stores are not a part of Sears Holding Corporation. Instead, Sears Hometown and Outlet stores, Inc separated from Sears Holding Corporation in October of 2012. These two entities are now completely separate.

Sears is a large part of American history. The company was created by a Minnesota railway station agent that began selling watches in his spare time and grew into what would soon become the biggest retailer in the world. The Jones family explained that they wish this American icon continued success.

The news from Sears Holdings is in no way a reflection of the future and health of the Sears Hometown and Outlet stores.The Price location is locally owned and operated and, the family states, will not be going anywhere.

“We love our town and being a part of the community,” said the Jones’.

The family then stated that many have reached out to them within the past week. They wanted to thank the community for their concern and inform all that they value the support and friendship.

“We are not leaving you,” the family stated “After just two years of ownership here in Price, we feeling like we are only just getting started.”

However, the family did express the need for the community to continue to shop local and keep the hopes and dreams of others alive.

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